Coming Together: US Election Debrief

Coming Together: US Election Debrief

Event Summary and Next Steps

We would like to thank everyone who participated at our post-election held in November. The purpose of the event was to have an opportunity to share how women experienced the election, the days after the election, and to unpack what it means to have Donald Trump win the US election. The women that night were vulnerable and honest. They expressed valuable insights and then rallied together to find ways to move forward. As promised, here is a summary of the ideas that were shared. These ideas are of the community, not of Women & Politics; therefore, if you are interested in leading or contributing to an action/initiative, please feel free to comment below and state which one you are interested in.

Working with school boards ~ ensuring that there are guidelines for teachers to follow so that students do not feel like their environment has changed as a result of the election.

Safety pin campaign ~ Promoting the use of safety pins in solidarity of marginalized people who may be affected by the election.

Education on White Privilege/ Anti-Oppression Training ~ provide educational opportunities (e.g. workshops) for people to understand how racism affects everyone.

Op-Ed Writing ~ Workshops for women to learn how to write op-eds and create intentional strategy to have more women write op-eds in the local paper.

Consent ~ Teach kids about consent and the effects of rape culture

Campaign against Carding ~ (largely implemented) encourage community leaders to stand against carding, create online petition against carding, put pressure on police services board and Chief Pare to stop carding.