Board Members

    • Marci Allen-Easton
    • Sarah Emms
    • Sue Hillis
    • Shawna Lewkowitz
    • Maria-Fernanda Medina
    • Louise Pitre
    • Anne-Marie Sanchez
    • Toni Taylor
    • AnnaLise Trudell


Marci Allen-Easton

Marci is a passionate community advocate and organizer in North West London. When not working at McCormick in the purchasing department, she volunteers her time with many organizations including Women and Politics, London Middlesex Housing Corporation, North West London Resource Centre, Special Olympics, Street Soccer London, and United Way. She is a proud mother of three, and enjoys gardening and wine.

Sarah Emms

Sarah works in marketing at London Life. She’s passionate about her adopted community of London, and loves to check out its many arts and culture events. She’s also a proud Western alum, avid reader, and tea lover. She lives in Old North with her partner Justin, and loves that they’re just a short walk away from the shops and restaurants downtown.

Sue Hillis

Sue has worked for many years in community-based health care, and has always been a passionate advocate for vulnerable people. Sue has been interested in politics from birth, and began advocating for equity for girls in sports when her daughter started playing them. These things have culminated in her continued passion to make a difference for women and girls in our community and beyond.

Shawna Lewkowitz

Shawna is a founding member of Women & Politics and a long-time advocate of women and diversity issues. She feels fortunate to be able to spend time working with other fantastic women, on behalf of other women in the community. Books, yoga, urban walks and spending time on her bike or in the woods with her family are additional ways she likes to spend her time. Her other current community work involves Chairing the London Diversity and Race Relations Advisory Committee and sitting on the Urban League of London Board.

Maria-Fernanda Medina

Maria-Fernanda has worked with a non-for profit, non-governmental organization for the last 14 years with a focus on human rights advocacy and education and directing community, intercultural, and interfaith programs. She has a special interest in public health issues and community health research.

She is relatively new to London, having recently relocated from Winnipeg. Most importantly, she loves spending time with her family and friends.

Louise Pitre

Fierce, passionate, challenging, nurturing, bold, creative, and leader are all words that people have used to describe Louise. Not to be mistaken for the famous actress of the same name, this Louise Pitre is known to be a catalyst for community change, raising the visibility of sexual violence in the community and provincially, advocating for more inclusive engagement strategies where the voices of those most at the margins pierce the sky.  Most importantly, she is  maman to two beautiful young adults who are finding their way in the world.

Anne-Marie Sanchez

Anne-Marie has been working with non-profits and advocating for women for the last eight years with the purpose of creating positive social change in London. She is also a member of the London Diversity and Race Relations Advisory Committee.  When she’s not working or volunteering, you can often find her discussing politics with other news junkies on Twitter. More importantly, most of her time is dedicated to raising her three wondrous kids, Lucas, Samantha, and Veronica, with her love, Andrew.

Toni Taylor

Toni is a mother of three to Mhaliek, Essence, and Nevaeh. She has worked in customer service for more than 20 years, and her real passion is people.  She loves helping, speaking with and just relating to them. In her free time you can either find her volunteering or in deep conversations on her Facebook debate page exploring a variety of topics.

AnnaLise Trudell

AnnaLise is passionate about engaging youth around issues of gender, LGBTQ, sexual violence and community activism. Through her work at the Sexual Assault Centre doing public education, her research through her doctorate on girls’ empowerment, and her self-identification as a proud queer femme feminist, she is driven to foster community dialogue that is hopeful and change-making.