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Election Priorities Survey

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As you are likely aware a federal election will be occurring this year. In anticipation of this, Women and Politics London would like to hear from you what your priority issues are for this upcoming election.

On May 11th we will be hosting an Issues Forum where speakers will explore the priority issues you have identified, and you can discuss the impact of these issues on women in London.

Following the Forum we will be sending a survey to all registered candidates for the upcoming federal election to ask them to outline their position on these issues. We will then communicate these positions to all of you to help you determine who you will vote for in the election.  If the candidates are successful in being elected we can then hold them to account going forward, on these important issues.

Please complete our online survey here! This survey is only has 2 questions, and should only take you approximately 1 minute to complete. 

Thank you for sharing your opinions with us!