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Get to know Linda Ludwar

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Women & Politics invited all women school board trustee candidates to write a brief bio so that Londoners can get to know them better. We will be posting the answers as we receive them.


I am a married, retired Registered Nurse with 3 adult sons. I will be able to work tirelessly and unbiasedly for the good of all, if elected to the position of Trustee.

Events of the past several years have motivated me to seek election – the violence and bullying issues in our schools, school closings and yet new ones being built, the exorbitant bus transportation costs for the taxpayer and the high cost of bus passes for secondary students who don’t qualify for board transportation, the reduction in the number of crossing guards, the inequity in programming, the Health and Sex Education curriculum and the fact that now 1 in 5 of our children have mental health issues. I would like to address all of these issues during my 4 year term.
As a classroom volunteer for 17 years, assisting children with any reading and math difficulties, I developed a great rapport with both the students and teachers.
I am comfortable dealing with crises having worked in an ICU/CCU for 15 years. I am familiar with budget deliberations having been an Assistant Head Nurse.
My experiences as a Palliative Care Nurse allowed my compassionate , caring nature to flourish and my advocacy skills to excel.
I believe the role of a Trustee is to act as a catalyst between the board administration, teachers, parents and taxpayers, while working collaboratively with the other Trustees, to provide for the best welfare and achievement opportunities for ALL students.
If elected as a Trustee, you can be assured that I will be a strong advocate for all and will present any of your concerns to the TVDSB, to ensure Success for every student.
Linda Ludwar