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Get to know Sandra Cruz

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Women & Politics invited all women school board trustee candidates to write a brief bio so that Londoners can get to know them better. We will be posting the answers as we receive them.Sandra Cruz is running for Catholic School Board Trustee in wards 2,3, and 4



As a parent I have been strongly involved in the school system and with that knowledge and understanding I will continue to work hard promoting Catholic Education and Student Success.

My roots are embedded and I am a committed choice for re-election.

Why I am seeking re-election for Catholic School Board Trustee

I am a parent that is involved in the school system for many years.  As a volunteer, during my previous term as trustee I worked hard towards improving and promoting our Catholic School Education System.

I will continue to offer the school board fresh ideas and new perspectives.

I am committed to educate our students in the Roman Catholic traditions with integrity and dedication.

I will help ensure that students feel safe at school and on school grounds.

With your help we can work together to achieve and promote a quality Catholic Education. I would be honored to serve as trustee again for this upcoming election.

Why Vote For Sandra Cruz

I am a hard worker and a great listener.

I am enthusiastic and look forward to the opportunity to represent you and your school interests.

I am committed in helping parents sort out concerns in a calm and compassionate way.

I have been a good advocate for parents and students and I look forward to continue in the future.

I will work hard in deciding how provincial funding will be distributed to support all board activities, including education programs for students, maintenance, staffing and providing programs for the school community.

I will continue to govern, approving curriculum guidelines and budget, school boundaries, class size, early learning program, anti-bullying and safe school initiatives.

As a long-time resident of East London, my husband and I are active members of our community with both of our children in the Catholic School System.

I will continue to actively promote parent participation, listen to what you and students say, visit schools, participate in discussions, presentations, conferences and meetings on your behalf.

I have served 12 years as trustee for the London District Catholic School Board and I look forward to serving for the next elected term.

Thank you

Sandra Cruz