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Get to know Sherri Moore

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Women & Politics invited all women school board trustee candidates to write a brief bio so that Londoners can get to know them better. We will be posting the answers as we receive them.

Sherri is a TVDSB school board trustee candidate for wards 7,8,9,10, & 13

Sherri Moore is a mother of three with a background in curriculum administration as well as marketing & communications at Western University. She enjoys making sense out of complicated educational and administrative policy and sharing information.

Over the past 17 years that her children have been in the TVDSB system, Sherri has navigated a wide variety of programming including the Autism Spectrum Program, the Gifted Stream, and French Immersion. She firmly believes that each child deserves a chance to graduate with the critical thinking skills they need to be successful in a changing educational landscape.

With an overwhelming amount of information available to them at all times, Sherri knows that today’s student needs the tools to be able to separate fact from fiction and wherever their paths take them after graduation, they deserve to have an education they can be proud of.

Sherri has also gained skills in negotiation and collaboration while working and volunteering with a diverse population. A former director of the Pride London Festival Board, Sherri is currently President of London Middlesex Roller Derby. The 2018 recipient of the Ken Sadler Award for Individual Contribution has built a solid reputation of honesty, empathy, and commitment to her community.

She is ready for the challenge of representing your needs at the Thames Valley District School Board.

Phone: 548-388-2802


Facebook: @moore4trustee

Twitter: @moore4trustee