Q&A Profile Moon Inthavong

Q&A Profile Moon Inthavong

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Women & Politics invited all women candidates to answer a few questions so that Londoners can get to know them better. We will be posting the answers as we receive them.


Ward 8 Councillor Candidate, Moon Inthavong

What would you like Londoners to know about you?

I would like Londoners to know that I love my city. I pride myself as a patriot of London and consider myself a community ambassador. I love nothing more than community engagement and connecting with the public.  Especially, collaborating in ways to foster for a better now for an awesome tomorrow.

In addition, I have a background in specialized security and social services. Currently, I am a professor at Fanshawe College, teaching Ethical Issues in Business. I am a mom of 4 and have 3 grand-daughters. I am the wife of the late Master Warrant Officer (MWO) J.J. Kolar, who served as Company Sargent Major (CSM) for the 4th Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment. We owned and operated a security consulting and training agency called Security Training Solutions. Globally, we provided training to members of police agencies, military and corporate security.

Complimentary to my training as an instructor for close quarter combat, I created a women’s CQC club in response to military and law enforcement officers experiencing violence and harassment. I christen the club E.V.E., an acronym for Eradicate Volatile Environments. I taught classes out of Huron College at the University of Western Ontario, and extended the training to female students and their family members. I provided more than just training and self development. I provided healing and acceptance through peer to peer support.

Notably, over the past 6 years I have been passionately involved with community and not for profit’s such as:

  • City of London’s London Housing Advisory Committee – Member at Large;
  • Universal Basic Income – London Chapter Working Group;
  • Community Emergency Response Volunteer (London Middlesex Health Unit’s GOLF Team);
  • Dying with Dignity – London Chapter;
  • The London Military Family Resources Center (Chair);
  • Veterans Medically Releasing Pilot Project Working Group (National Representation);
  • Veterans Emergency Transitional Services (Outreach Worker); and
  • Neighborhood Watch (Area Coordinator).

What most influenced your decision to run?

London Ontario, needs to have more role models in the political arena. Many people have expressed to me that they are turned off by politics – and are very dissatisfied with the system. They feel that they could care less about voting in the municipal elections. They feel that their government has abandoned them and merely just gave up on them. They have a huge disconnect to their community leaders and service providers.

Londoners want to be inspired. To be excited about the future of their city and communities. I pledge to inspire our youth. To give them hope to reach their full potential. I want seniors to feel that they can depend on their community to provide essential provisions. My hope is for all Londoners to feel valued. To participate in, and help shape the future of our city.

I believe that the community is the core foundation of the city – leaders need to ensure basic needs are implemented as human rights. If we don’t elect the right leaders now we will miss the window of opportunity to move London a head of other cities. Regardless, I will continue to lobby, advocate and challenge for basics needs for all.

It takes a lot of courage to run in the elections; and aside from credentials – leaders need to bring their personality to the table. I am a leader with great compassion for humanity. Never underestimate the power of kindness – it is a choice that takes incredible strength. Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi were well known for having the gift of humanity. Echoing the profound words of John Connolly: “There is a nobility in compassion, a beauty in empathy and a grace of forgiveness.”  I truly believe in the practice of altruism and I am inspired to run, so that our community can thrive.

What do you think is the most urgent issue the City is facing?

Insecure living is the most prevalent issue that needs to be eradicated now so that London does not become a destitute city, as we are already seeing this happening in pockets of our community. In other words –  Infrastructure development is a major issue that has been plaguing us for numerous decades, and will keep crumbling if the leaders we elect do not advocate for peoples basic needs. Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware of the social issues that we are challenged with. But, we have so much more work a head of us. In addition, these are the topics and issues I strongly standby and would like to action.

What experience do you bring to your role?

Physical Infrastructure will always have a working ticket. Social infrastructure is very underrepresented in community conversations. We have just touched the surface slightly on food insecurity, housing needs and income security. I believe that a community needs a leader with strong presence – who is introspective and a visionary. It is ideal that council should have representation from a social services lens and more so a councillor with a diverse background in social work and developments. We talk about social and affordable housing. We need leaders to action items. Who has a deep understanding of the social issues that affect the lives of the community. My experience and understanding in this subject were adapted, by having the privilege and honor of working with amazing agencies such as:

  • Unity Project (Veterans Housing Stability Case Manager)
  • Addiction Services of Thames Valley (Housing Outreach Worker)
  • London CAReS (Street Outreach Worker)
  • My Sisters Place (Transitional Support Worker – evening program)
  • Canadian Mental Health Association – Middlesex (Case Manager; Mental Health Worker and Housing Worker)
  • London InterCommunity Health Centre (Student Intern – Health Clinic and Outreach)

What is your vision for the ward you wish to represent?

Many ward 8 constituents share that they would like to build community hubs and to come up with ways in how to connect to others. I wish to continue this dialog and would provide community engagement meetings, monthly. Along with feedback.

The vision that I have for ward 8 is for our community to be the beacon of London, Ontario. I want the marriage of economy and philosophy to be a real concept, in the design and development of the community. I want us to be able to work, play and live in the same radius. I desire to lead and inspire ward 8 to be the model community – where neighbors come together to build lasting communities; a community of diversity and celebration that welcomes all. This can be a reality, when the right leader is elected for ward 8.

While compromise is important, are there any issues you would not compromise on?

I am guided by altruistic principles and therefore will never comprise my integrity. This is the focal point of every thought and action, for me.

How do you balance the challenges of your ward while addressing the priorities of the City?

Community engagement is very paramount to me. I am always out in the community at ground zero and love collaborating. I am a firm believer in bridging and connecting people, places and things together. Connectivity, for a strong community. I am all about anticipating and watching trends in our economy, developments and issues that will impact us as a community, and as an individual. I am very much a proactive participant of life and community. As a leader, I feel it is very imperative to have those lines of communications open. Constituents elect leaders to make informed decisions and act on their behalf. People have busy lives. People sometimes get bogged down by bureaucracies. It is my duty as their elect to ensure that their concerns come to me and that they are provided with the best resources and information they need. When a community feels, valued and is thriving, it will be able to assume some of the Cities priority and will desire to collaborate. Team work!

London’s social housing program houses 5000+ people and women are more likely to be living in poverty. In 2015, a Facilities Commission Analysis was completed. The findings determined in excess of $200 million is needed by 2020 to keep the current stock in fair condition. What will you do to ensure this work is completed?

We know that cost analysis doesn’t look at the social and human costs. Not only is putting someone in housing cheaper, it is also much more humane. The longer someone remains homeless the greater likelihood that their physical and mental health will deteriorate and there is an increased chance of an early death. Affordable living vs Social Housing, these are variables. We need both. The city of London has contacted the Housing Development Corporation (https://www.hdclondon.ca/#welcome) with the task of encompassing services and sound policy, in supporting the city with social and affordable housing.

In addition, it is imperative that the city of London continue to work with social agencies. More so, consider the private housing stock to fill in some of the gaps. Housing is a complex issue. Look at the housing market and anyone can see that the cost of rent is much higher than what is allotted.

Part of the solution I believe, would be to implement a basic income program. This would provide a solid foundation for our people to thrive and can participate in commerce. It will strengthen the economy – as currency is generated. Unfortunately, our current government cancelled the Basic Income Pilot. 4000 participants are not only let down by their leaders but are attacked on their constitutions of basic human rights. I am part of the working group for Basic Income London Chapter. We are diligently continuing to advocate and finding resolutions.

Our organization aims to promote the importance of equal representation of women in the political arena. Could you share your perspective on this issue?

We are family figures. We are mentors and scholars. We are friends and neighbors. Per the City of London Website (2018); London’s population was 48% male and 52% female. For the last two decades, females outnumbered males in London Ontario. Yet females are under represented. It is imperative to support qualified and passionate representatives. I have daughters and a granddaughter that I support to be strong and capable individuals. If they chose to become civil servants – they have my support %1000. It is my hope that constituents of ward 8 elect a leader that has a track record for community engagement and services. In addition to having various experiences and contributions.

In closing, London needs a visionary leader who can foster a thriving community that is fortified by valued members. Their good works and deeds will be reminiscent in the lives and communities they have served and touched. I am that leader and what ever the issue – no matter what, “we’ve got this” London!

Yours in confidence and trust – Ms. Moon Inthavong; ward 8 city councillor candidate

Get to know Sherri Moore

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Women & Politics invited all women school board trustee candidates to write a brief bio so that Londoners can get to know them better. We will be posting the answers as we receive them.

Sherri is a TVDSB school board trustee candidate for wards 7,8,9,10, & 13

Sherri Moore is a mother of three with a background in curriculum administration as well as marketing & communications at Western University. She enjoys making sense out of complicated educational and administrative policy and sharing information.

Over the past 17 years that her children have been in the TVDSB system, Sherri has navigated a wide variety of programming including the Autism Spectrum Program, the Gifted Stream, and French Immersion. She firmly believes that each child deserves a chance to graduate with the critical thinking skills they need to be successful in a changing educational landscape.

With an overwhelming amount of information available to them at all times, Sherri knows that today’s student needs the tools to be able to separate fact from fiction and wherever their paths take them after graduation, they deserve to have an education they can be proud of.

Sherri has also gained skills in negotiation and collaboration while working and volunteering with a diverse population. A former director of the Pride London Festival Board, Sherri is currently President of London Middlesex Roller Derby. The 2018 recipient of the Ken Sadler Award for Individual Contribution has built a solid reputation of honesty, empathy, and commitment to her community.

She is ready for the challenge of representing your needs at the Thames Valley District School Board.

Phone: 548-388-2802

Email: moore4trustee@gmail.com

Facebook: @moore4trustee

Twitter: @moore4trustee

Website: www.sherrimoore.ca

Get to know Linda Ludwar

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Women & Politics invited all women school board trustee candidates to write a brief bio so that Londoners can get to know them better. We will be posting the answers as we receive them.


I am a married, retired Registered Nurse with 3 adult sons. I will be able to work tirelessly and unbiasedly for the good of all, if elected to the position of Trustee.

Events of the past several years have motivated me to seek election – the violence and bullying issues in our schools, school closings and yet new ones being built, the exorbitant bus transportation costs for the taxpayer and the high cost of bus passes for secondary students who don’t qualify for board transportation, the reduction in the number of crossing guards, the inequity in programming, the Health and Sex Education curriculum and the fact that now 1 in 5 of our children have mental health issues. I would like to address all of these issues during my 4 year term.
As a classroom volunteer for 17 years, assisting children with any reading and math difficulties, I developed a great rapport with both the students and teachers.
I am comfortable dealing with crises having worked in an ICU/CCU for 15 years. I am familiar with budget deliberations having been an Assistant Head Nurse.
My experiences as a Palliative Care Nurse allowed my compassionate , caring nature to flourish and my advocacy skills to excel.
I believe the role of a Trustee is to act as a catalyst between the board administration, teachers, parents and taxpayers, while working collaboratively with the other Trustees, to provide for the best welfare and achievement opportunities for ALL students.
If elected as a Trustee, you can be assured that I will be a strong advocate for all and will present any of your concerns to the TVDSB, to ensure Success for every student.
Linda Ludwar

Get to know Pascale Thibodeau

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Women & Politics invited all women school board trustee candidates to write a brief bio so that Londoners can get to know them better. We will be posting the answers as we receive them.

French Version :


Mère de deux jeunes filles, je travaille dans le domaine de la production théâtrale.
Originaire de Montréal, j’y ai grandi et complété mes études. Je vis en Ontario depuis près de dix ans.

En travaillant avec des parents dévoués dans ma communauté scolaire et en siégant au conseil d’école, j’ai compris que les changements positifs passaient par l’engagement de chacun. C’est pourquoi je me présente comme candidate aux élections scolaires.

Je recherche un changement de culture au sein du Conseil qui favoriserait la transparence dans les discussions et une meilleure communication avec les parents de la communauté. Le point de vue des parents est indispensable et doit être entendu.

La cohésion et la synergie entre les membres du Conseil sont nécessaires. Pour cette raison, je me suis jointe à d’autres candidats qui partagent cette vision et souhaitent apporter de nouvelles idées et une nouvelle énergie à la table du Conseil.

Nous voulons contrer l’assimilation et favoriser la rétention de nos élèves en augmentant l’accessibilité à l’éducation en français et en défendant le droit à l’équivalence avec les écoles anglaises à la grandeur du Conseil.

Nos enfants le méritent bien.

Pour en savoir davantage, visiter notre site web: revonsengrand.ca


English Version:

I am a mother of two young girls and work in theatre production. I grew up in Montreal and completed my college education there before moving to Ontario ten years ago.

The work that I’ve done on school issues with dedicated parents in Toronto and my work as a member on parent council have convinced me that the only way to effect positive change was to get involved which is why I have decided to run for school trustee in the upcoming election.

I aim to change the culture at the heart of the board in favour of greater transparency in discussions and improved communication with the parents in our community.  Parent and community input is crucial and must be heard.

Cohesion and synergy between members of the board is necessary to work collaboratively. For this reason, I have joined like-minded Viamonde candidates who share a common purpose of bringing new ideas and renewed energy to the Viamonde table.

We aim to fight assimilation and retain our students by increasing access to French-language education while defending our right to equivalency with English-language schools across the Viamonde board. Our children deserve no less.

To learn more, please visit our website: revonsengrand.ca


Get to Know Sheri Polhill

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Women & Politics invited all women school board trustee candidates to write a brief bio so that Londoners can get to know them better. We will be posting the answers as we receive them.


Sheri Polhill was elected to the Board of Trustees in November 2006, representing London Wards 1, 11, 12 and 14. She serves on a number of Board Committees. Sheri is a lifetime member of the Thames Valley Homes and Schools and serves as the Trustee member of the Thames Valley Home and School executive..

Within her community, Sheri works extensively with adults with development disabilities providing support in the areas of life and social skill development. She is currently a Social Worker for the City of London, providing ongoing support to Londoners in need. Sheri is passionate about providing mental health supports for Londoners and students of Thames Valley

Educated from Junior Kindergarten to University in Thames Valley, Sheri graduated from the University of Western Ontario with an Honors Degree in Psychology. She has two children currently being educated within Thames Valley schools.

Sheri brings a unique perspective to the board through her Social Work background and advocates for student mental wellness and our Special Education programs. Sheri prides herself on her constituent work and advocacy for the families of the board.

With the Voters support Sheri would like to work the next 4 year term seeing the High school innovation projects develop and further support real world learning in our secondary schools.

My Twitter is @PolhillSheri
And email is Polhill.sheri@gmail.com

Get to know Maryna Greer

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Women & Politics invited all women school board trustee candidates to write a brief bio so that Londoners can get to know them better. We will be posting the answers as we receive them.


My name is Maryna Greer and I’m running for position of Trustee for TVDSB wards 2,3,4,5,6.
I have engineering degree and I’m a mother of 4 kids. I run for School Board Trustee because I want to make a difference.
My main objectives are:
1. Finding ways for more efficient use of funds (minimizing school closures)
2. Updating school equipment (indoor and outdoor)
3. Creating clubs of interest in public schools
4. Increasing number of after school programs
5. Supporting programs for mental and physical health of students.
My e-mail is Marynagreer@gmail.com

Get to know Sandra Cruz

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Women & Politics invited all women school board trustee candidates to write a brief bio so that Londoners can get to know them better. We will be posting the answers as we receive them.Sandra Cruz is running for Catholic School Board Trustee in wards 2,3, and 4



As a parent I have been strongly involved in the school system and with that knowledge and understanding I will continue to work hard promoting Catholic Education and Student Success.

My roots are embedded and I am a committed choice for re-election.

Why I am seeking re-election for Catholic School Board Trustee

I am a parent that is involved in the school system for many years.  As a volunteer, during my previous term as trustee I worked hard towards improving and promoting our Catholic School Education System.

I will continue to offer the school board fresh ideas and new perspectives.

I am committed to educate our students in the Roman Catholic traditions with integrity and dedication.

I will help ensure that students feel safe at school and on school grounds.

With your help we can work together to achieve and promote a quality Catholic Education. I would be honored to serve as trustee again for this upcoming election.

Why Vote For Sandra Cruz

I am a hard worker and a great listener.

I am enthusiastic and look forward to the opportunity to represent you and your school interests.

I am committed in helping parents sort out concerns in a calm and compassionate way.

I have been a good advocate for parents and students and I look forward to continue in the future.

I will work hard in deciding how provincial funding will be distributed to support all board activities, including education programs for students, maintenance, staffing and providing programs for the school community.

I will continue to govern, approving curriculum guidelines and budget, school boundaries, class size, early learning program, anti-bullying and safe school initiatives.

As a long-time resident of East London, my husband and I are active members of our community with both of our children in the Catholic School System.

I will continue to actively promote parent participation, listen to what you and students say, visit schools, participate in discussions, presentations, conferences and meetings on your behalf.

I have served 12 years as trustee for the London District Catholic School Board and I look forward to serving for the next elected term.

Thank you

Sandra Cruz

Get to Know Joyce Bennett

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Women & Politics invited all women school board trustee candidates to write a brief bio so that Londoners can get to know them better. We will be posting the answers as we receive them.


Joyce Bennett is a Trustee representing London Wards 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13. She was first elected to the Board of Trustees for the former Board of Education for the City of London in November 1988 and has continued to serve her community in this capacity since that time. She was elected as Chair of the Thames Valley District School Board in 2002, and re-elected as Chair for a second consecutive year in 2003. She was honoured to serve as the Chairperson again in 2012, followed by a second year in 2013.

Some of the Board Committees Joyce has served on include:

  • Budget Committee;
  • Bylaw Committee;
  • Chairs’ Committee;
  • Equity and Inclusive Education Committee;
  • First Nations Advisory Committee;
  • Mental Health and Wellness;
  • Negotiations Advisory Committee;
  • Policy Working Committee;
  • Special Education Advisory Committee;
  • Supervised Alternative Learning for Excused Pupils Committee;
  • Transportation Committee; and
  • Thames Valley Parent Involvement Committee.

Within her community, Joyce has had extensive involvement with numerous groups and committees over the years, including, but not limited to, Craigwood Youth Services, London Parent Safety Patrol, City of London Safety and Crime Prevention Committee, Youth Opportunities Unlimited, YMCA Children’s Safety Village, and the Community Safety Councils of Ontario.

Joyce is the recipient of the Dr. Harry Paiken Award of Merit from the Ontario Public School Board’s Association. She is also a life member of the Thames Valley Council of Home and School Associations.

In June 2010 Joyce was selected as the recipient of the Steve Cordes Community Star Award recognizing her “exceptional long-term commitment to youth in London and area.”

Joyce has always been an effective advocate for students, families, and public education.

Contact Joyce Bennett at:


Get to know Lori-Ann Pizzolato

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Women & Politics invited all women school board trustee candidates to write a brief bio so that Londoners can get to know them better. We will be posting the answers as we receive them.

Lori-Ann Pizzolato, Wards 1, 11, 12, 14 for TVDSB School Board Trustee Candidate

I decided to run for a Trustee position because I strongly believe families need an advocate who will push for improved dialogue and more transparency when it comes to school and board decisions.

For the last 10 years, I have been volunteering and advocating for families through my role in School Councils, Home and School groups and as a member of the Thames Valley Council of Home and School Associations (TVCHSA) and Ontario Federation of Home and Schools Association.  Currently, I sit on three local school councils and am a member of two committees at the Thames Valley School Board (Environmental, Think about it!).  For the past three years, I have been the TVCHSA Area Chair working with 15 schools as a means to support and encourage parent engagement.

I am focused on building community and helping shape a unified and consistent approach so that we can provide feedback to our schools and board.  I strongly believe that parents need a voice when it comes to decisions that affect not only the education of their children but their health, safety and social well being.  With my experience and my passion, I would be honoured to represent YOUR voice.

I am a married mother of three children (all still in the public school system) and grateful for my family’s support throughout this current adventure!


Get to know Corrine Rahman – School Board Trustee Candidate

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Women & Politics invited all women school board trustee candidates to write a brief bio so that Londoners can get to know them better. We will be posting the answers as we receive them.


Corrine Rahman

TVDSB Trustee Candidate

Wards 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

Email: Corrine.rahman@gmail.com


Cell: 226-377-5200

Facebook: @rahman4trustee

Twitter:  @CorrineRahman


I’m running because we need to ensure we have passionate, informed, progressive voices advocating for our children.

About me:

  • Mom of three, we are a TVDSB family.
  • Fanshawe College instructor teaching courses in the Kinlin School of Business in: Human Resources, Leadership, Conflict Resolution and Ethics.
  • An educational background in: Leadership studies (MA), Communications Studies (Hons. BA) and Political Science (BA) , a post-graduate certificate in Human Resource Management and a certificate in Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • Past School Council Chair (two terms), past Home and School Vice-chair. Current Thames Valley Parent Involvement Committee parent member, Parent representative for TVDSB Ad-hoc strategic planning committee.
  • West Regional Lead for the Justice of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee and a Board member for Mainstreet London.

I’m always available to discuss any issues impacting our students.  Concerned parents have already raised the issues of:  Academic Performance, High School Graduation Rates, Special Education, the changing Learning Environments, Student Mental Health and Well-being, Parent Engagement, and Student Transportation.  I have shared my thoughts on these issues on my website.

As your Trustee, student well-being and achievement will guide my decision making. I am committed to working with parents, educators, trustees, the community, and our administration to find solutions.