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Young Women and Politics

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We had our first Young Women and Politics workshop in April at the Northwest Resource Centre. 24 girls and young women came together to learn about politics, socialize and meet local female politicians. Participants were asked to write a blog post to reflect on their experiences. Here are posts from two of the amazing young women who attended.

My experience at the Young Women and Politics Session

My experience at the Young Women and Politics session was amazing. There are so many reasons why this session was a very tremendous experience for me. I have gone to many workshops for young women and how to feel confident, but Women and Politics really showed a perspective on inner beauty. The beauty of leadership. As many will know, being a leader is a very difficult task when it comes to politics for women. But this workshop was eye-opening in terms of options for young women in politics. A big part for me at this session was how they talked about the word “Feminist.” This word at first may be scary to some people. It was for me at first — until Women & Politics. They’ve really showed me that this word only means equality. Equality in the sense of being equal between men and women. I found it eye-opening to see that a word that sounds so strong could be just a simple well-known fact to me. Ever since I’ve heard that, I’ve been telling people that I’m a feminist and that is something I thought I would never say. Another big aspect that really caught my attention was “Breaking through barriers.” This was a big part that stuck with me even after the session was done. After hearing that term, I was really starting to see the barriers that occurred everyday that I wouldn’t have seen if I hadn’t been to the workshop. Everyday stuff, like how I noticed that my gym teacher picks boys to be team leaders and not girls. This really caught my eye and I was surprised to see it. In summary, Women and Politics demonstrated that being a leader and confidence is the best beauty a girl can have. -Christina Keane Sanchez (13)

Turning 25% into 50%

I went to the “Young Women and Politics” event last weekend and I thought it would be good just to have some background knowledge on politics but I actually learned so much! I learned that there are no lines like everyone thinks there is to get involved in politics, what the real– not what society thinks — meaning of a feminist or feminism is, what it’s like to be a politician as a woman and how we can get in involved. There is no line between politicians and “regular people”; you can call your local MP and talk about how you can get involved helping out with your community and move up from there.

 “The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” Society thinks that we want to be better than men but the definition says “equality to men.” We don’t want to be compared to men like, “Oh you can’t go into politics, that’s for a man.” Even if those aren’t the exact words, it’s implied. Only 25% of the politicians are women. I would definitely go to something like this again and I encourage other girls to come out as well so we can turn that 25% into 50%! – Georgia Harrington