About Us

Women and Politics is a citizen-led initiative that looks to engage and increase the participation of women in the political landscape. We strive to amplify women's voices in the political arena by engaging with diverse communities and using our platform to support them. We host social events, develop educational resources and tools, participate in political activities and connect women with their community and each other. Our work is focused on London, Ontario and its surrounding communities.

Our Three Pillars

Supporting candidates 

We support candidates by providing educational programs like our Campaign School, as well as opportunities to amplify their voices through our blog, at debates, literature drops and networking events.

Citizen engagement

We work to create safe, inclusive spaces for women to participate in politics and civic life as citizens at all levels. We host regular events where you can learn about issues that impact you and contribute to the conversation.

Breaking down barriers

We want all women to have the ability to vote, support a candidate, run for office and partake in the political landscape in whatever way works for them, without limitations.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
define their future, and change the world.

Our Mission

We will actively engage all women with politics and create opportunities to amplify their voices.


Our Vision

Equal Access. Equal Power. Equal Representation.

We need your support today!